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awww thank you! She is I wouldn’t trade her for the world, she always made sure I had all of my needs met and took care of me all day and night when I was sick. I find that stay at home moms raise better behaved kids that tend to do less irresponsible things, based on people I’ve met in my life w stay at home moms. I want to be very involved w my future babies, and when I’m working I’d want to leave them with my mom or my husband’s mom so they’re always with family.

I’m taking fall semester off to raise my mentally challenged puppy and be a wife bc tbh my husband is nowhere near enough help with the puppy for me to take care of all the household duties & my dog. (I have 2 dogs and my pomeranian is a dream to take care of… but my one is a belgian malinois aka a bundle of energy aka “a german shepherd on crack” he is the biggest handful I could’ve ever imagined) but I’m going back to school in the spring to take prereqs for diagnostic medical sonography aka ultrasound. I’m thinking of specializing after that in something like fetal cardiology… & lol I know my mom was a stay at home wife and mom and I find nothing shameful about it, I’m proud of the mother she was to me and the fact she devoted her entire life to me. When I have kids and they’re young I’d like to go from working 40 hours to 20 so I can spend more time taking care of them until they’re old enough to fend for themselves.


“hey do you want the rest of my-“


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so my husband applied for this job where he would work for the commander but usually you have to be an E5 and he’s an E3, long story short he got it against all odds, so not only does that look good for future opportunities BUT HE CANT BE DEPLOYED FOR A YEAR SO WERE SAFE ALL FALL WINTER AND SPRING WEEEE !💃🎉 so happy were guaranteed our first christmas and new years as a newlywed couple, 💏💍 especially when earlier this year he was being told by his higher ups that he was basically guaranteed a fall deployment. thank our lucky stars ⭐

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